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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  September 23, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome to the daily show. this is jon stewart for news
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12. my guest tonight is robert riche. let's turn overseas. a week ago just one week-- seven-- seven days it seemed the only way that these united states might avoid war with syria was through our usual semantic shenanigans. we would bomb them but we would call it a freedom play date. you know what i'm talking about. but over the weekend the wings of war shifted dramatically. >> secretary of state john kerry and russia top diplomats could end syria weapons program. they sealed a deal in geneva one that could leave syria with no chemical weapons by the end of next year. >> we-- i condition believe it! we pulled it-- we managed not to have a war withson somebody? i done-- you don't get a war. and you don't get a war! you don't get a war!
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everybody doesn't get a war! you don't get a war. wait, you seem up set about not getting a war. >> -- i'll get one. i'll get a war-- (laughter) so we get to take assad's chemical weapons. we don't have to kill anyone. and we did it all just by the talky talk. there is only one way to describe that. >> it means nothing so that is a debacle. (laughter) >> stephen: this is a debacle. i have not seen a disaster such as this since i arrived at the beauregard cotillion with a magnolia in my hair when everyone else was wearing orchids. i mean-- talk about a debacle!
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(laughter) graham! why can't you take no war for an answer? >> the reason i wanted to strike assad is to punish him-- . >> jon: i wanted to see him squirm. (laughter) i wanted to tie assad up and spank his taut-- plav plav his taut syrian-- i'm getting the vapors. i must be-- oh lord! (applause) anyway-- (laughter) >> you can read all about it in my new book 50 shades of graham! (cheers and applause) >> jon: my goodness. (laughter) i'm going to take that one man show on the road. (laughter) lindsay graham isn't alone in feeling that this successful use of diplomacy
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to achieve our goal is the worst defeat in american history. >> i just don't see how this is a good outcome for anybody. >> i think it's a loser. >> it ends up being a handoff to vladimir putin. i have never seen a fee as colike this from a u.s. president. (laughter) >> jon: what am i missing? >> we might contain a dictator's chemical weapons stockpile without having to kill innocent civilians in the process or invading a country and creating-- there's only two explanations for how this fella there, "the wall street journal" has never seen a fiasco like this from a u.s. president, n, he's only six months old. he's one of those benjamin button-- i've never seen anything like this because i'm a baby. or b, you work for reagan. never seen a fiasco like
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this. >> iran contra. or b he doesn't understand what the word fiasco is, what? a three some with hot girls right now. but i'm supposed to go collect my lottery wins. what a fiasco. (laughter) are those stock footage, listen to me. the only thing-- only had to change one letter. the only thing that they like less than that we're not bombing now is that we might not bomb. >> it appears that the threat has been taken off the table. >> i think that it does take the use of american force pretty much off the table. >> i think the armed response really is off the table. >> it's not off the table. the armed response is never off the table. >> jon: who believes the armed response is off the table. this is america. have you seen the table?
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(laughter) but look, those are the people who actually wanted to bomb syria and were disa poichbted. what i don't understand why some of the people who didn't want to bomb syria are now also up set we're to the bombing syria. >> right now obama is fortunately not fighting in syria because we don't want to do that, but obama is giving up a very big leadership role. >> the good news is we're talking to the russians instead of bombing the syrians. but some of the rhetoric has been almost laughable. >> i would vote against an authorization to use force here. >> this is what happens when the president puts himself in a situation he has not thought through when he flip-flops, edithers. he moves back and forth, he shows weakness and indecisiveness. >> you would never catch george w. bush dithering. (laughter) you never catch george w. bush dithering in a
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nonconversation. (applause) you know? these guys prefer bush, international diplomacy is like a glory hole. you just stick it in and worry about the consequences later. (laughter) sorry, i was raised at a new jersey rest area. do the hawks have any other complaints about our possible peaceful resolution on the issue of chemical weapons? >> the mixed message and the debacle called syria can't be repeated when it come its to iran. >> jon: don't you dare try to not bomb iran. obama! got to give lindsay graham credit for that one there. at least he said his point without raising the sounds of like a 19th century southern bell. >> i really worry about what's going to happen in iran. now the ayatollahs in iran would be dancing and the on reason they're not dancing is because they just done believe in dancing. (laughter)
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>> jon: and i say to you, good sir, you can't trust a gentleman who doesn't enjoy taking to the floor. (laughter) we'we'stately quadril.
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>> jon: welcome back.
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everybody knows new pope francis is a humbler, gentler man, refusing to use the popemobile when commuting, yeah, that's right. bottom line is this new pope is superchillin tote low key. unlike the last pope captain flashy pants with his las vegas style music. ♪ . >> jon: that is kind of cool. i'm not the only one digging this new pope. >> in the six months he's been pope, crowds have quadrupled drawn by his warm and welcoming style and a new openness. >> jon: it's pope mania. and his first album hasn't even dropped yet. (laughter) the point is this francis is a different kind of pope.
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but i don't think until recently we knew just how different. >> on the once that would zubt of homosexuality francis told reporters if one is gay and searches for the world and has goodwill, who am i to judge. >> the pope is reaching out to atheists and agnostics. pope francis says god will forgive them if they live morally and follow their conscience. >> a top aid to pope francis did hint that the church could reevaluate its policy on priestley celibacy. >> jon: i love this guy. so to sum it up, let me get this straight. gays are cool, priests can get married and you done even have to believe in god to get into heaven. what exactly of catholicism is left. you take away jesus and celibacy, the catholic church is just an ornate restaurant that only severs wafers. i mean it's-- it's like catholicism core tenet is suddenly-- you do you, that's all.
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(applause) but if you are's old school, and you have a problem with that, don't call pope francis. he'll call you. >> recently francis reached out to the faithful in a surprising way. >> now he's taking to picking up the phone and calling people out of the blue. >> jon: by the way, if the pope calls the wrong number, does he admit it. or does he say you know, does he say sorry, holy father you have the wrong number. does he say no, i'm-- you're in the wrong house. so who-- who has the pope been talking to? >> a woman who said she feared retaliation after reporting being raped by a policeman-- . >> jon: wow, that's intense. i'm glad that the pope was there for her. >> a man angry with god after his brother had been murdered. >> jon: i can't even imagine the pain, great work. >> another young man worried about finding a job after he graduated jses (laughter)
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obviously i don't want to tell you how to do your job. but that last one sounds like a bishop level call. (laughter) i'm glad you're reaching out. there is a pretty steep droppoff between death as a part of life and have you thought about an internship? (laughter) i got to say, i kind of feel bad for francis's predecessor pope benedict without as you remember is still alive and i believe living inside the vatican. i mean he has to sit there and watch pope francis crush it. >> i quite agree, john. i quite agree. i couldn't agree more. >> jon: how did you -- >> well, it's always so sad, isn't it john, to see an old man decades past his prime be bested by a newer, fresher face, a face in the light of an a dorg and occasionally quadrupled audience night-- . >> jon: what? >> night after night after night, an old man, jon,
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while the old man withers cold and alone directing a movie in jordan. pope benedict. >> jon: i don't recall the pope directing a movie. >> oh, oopsy, my mistake. perhaps i'm thinking of another similar yet equally and inevitable situation. >> jon: what! >> oh, i didn't say anything, jon. perhaps what you heard was merely the sweeping winds of time, washing away the old, ushering in the new. (laughter) >> jon: how did you get back there? >> i've always been here, jon. waiting, just waiting and by here i mean literally over here like-- six feet away from you, jon. (cheers and applause) six feet away from you. >> jon: i'm just going to go to commercial then, if that's all right. i'm just going go to commercial. >> hello, jon, yes, hello. >> jon: what? i'm just going go to commercial then. >> oh, a commercial, fine, good idea, one of us will be right back. for now.
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maha ha, maha ha ha. >> jon: we'll be right back. is t twwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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(cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome back, my guest tonight, former secretary of labor currently a professor at u.s. berkeley featured in the upcoming documentary film inequality for all. >> when you take into consideration rising costs, the rising cost of rents or homes, dramatically
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increasing costs of health care, the rising costs of child care and also the rising costs of higher education, rising much faster than inflation, take all of these into consideration and you find that it's much worse than just stagnating wages, it's basically middle-class families often with two wage earners working harder and harder and harder and getting nowhere. >> jon: please welcome back to the prarjs robert riche --. robert reisch. (applause) nice to see you. >> good to see you, jon. it was an upbeat film, right. >> jon: it is an upbeat fill. and you know me, i like any fill well a power point presentation. knocked right in there. >> yeah. let me tell you something, though. we know the disturbing statistics. we know how bad it is. i want to focus on, you're
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an upbeat man. >> mi an upbeat man. i'm an optimist. >> jon: so tell me, give me light at the end of this very dark tunnel. what, income inequal knit america is getting worse and worse. it's getting more and more rigid. how do we get out of this perhap? -- trap? >> well, we get out of it the way we got out of it in 1901. you remember that. >> jon: yeah. >> i mean the progressive era, if we had had this conversation in 1900 we would have had a huge inequality gap there this country, a corruption of our political processes, urban squalor, robber barrons running rough shod over america. and you would have said to me in 1900, the earlier version of this show. >> jon: yes. >> how do we get out of this. and i would have said we're coming up to a kind of a tipping point. i can't tell you when it's going happen, jon. i think it's about 1901. and then-- . >> jon: would you have said that would you have been that prescient. is there a country we would have attacked around that time. >> no, you don't have to
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attack a country. what happens is we get to a point in this country where the ideal that we all live by, equal opportunity, is so far from the reality that we live in every day that the cognitive dissonance just brings forth a citizen activism. >> jon: is there a legislative solution. in 1901 it was not necessarily a legislative solution. >> it becomes a legislative solution that is we get a progressive income tax in that era, in the progressive era. we have anti-trust, anti-monopoly laws t starts with citizen activism it starts with people who are so basically they're pissed off. they say i'm to the going to take this any more. this is not the society i want to live in. it happens. it happened again in the 19 -- it happened in the 1960s, 1963 through 1969. and it's going to happen again. but don't -- >> and our movie is going to actually precipitate it. (applause) >> jon: now other countries have faced similar issues
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and their version of activism were revolution. >> yeah. >> in this country we don't have a history of that in terms of turmoil but we do have a history of mitigating that through social programs or through legislative methodology. that seems like it's not on the table any more. >> it's not on the table right now but we do-- we're reform. we did not succumb in the 30s to fascism or communism in the progressive era. as winston churchill repeatedly said, americans always do the right thing eventually after they've exhausted all other alternatives. (laughter) and i think we will. you look historically you look at, i mean look, even, i mean even gay rights and gay marriage, i mean this is a major civil rights issue of our time. we are making progress on it. if you had asked me ten years ago are we going to, 12 years ago, are we going
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to have a black president of the yoonteded states, i would have said you know it's going to be tough, a long time. we do the right thing, jon, be upbeat. >> jon: let me ask you know, we talk about class warfare, any time you talk about when income inequality gets like this or when we start to value investment so much more than labor which is i think what happened over the last 30 or 40 year, if you bring that up it is class warfare to register a complaint against a system is close warfare sfw yet to turn around and diminish people because they might need food stamp assistance or other types of assistance that in this country have always allowed people struggling to get their footing and find a way out of that predictment that is never considered apparently class warfare. that is just looking out for government expenditure.
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>> well, there is an ideology that has come about in this country that is very, very kind of mean-spirited. but if you ask somebody who is conservative and say you shouldn't be giving food stamps it, you say shouldn't it be a country where everybody is working full-time. if you are working hard, full-time, shouldn't be able to get out of poverty, raise your family. >> they say well yeah, yeah, and i say well if that's the case, then shouldn't the minimum wage be raised to being a living wage. shouldn't you have enough food stamps so everybody can make it if they are working full-time? and a lot of people come around. you know,. >> jon: but there are some people that you know, here's the other thing about some of these poor people. they have two or three jobs. aren't they job hogging? >> isn't that really the issue? >> yeah, that's right jses shunts there be a more socialist job distribution program. >> i hadn't thought about it that way. >> jon: it's not just people that are working. it's this idea that somehow
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if are you underemployed or not employed that are you lazy and gaming a system that is there-- that there is this idea that poor people in this country are coasting on the benefits of all the rich benefits that they can just take advantage of. it's a lie, it's a struggle and there's not a person in that situation that doesn't want out of that situation. >> of course it is a huge lie, it's per trade unfortunately by some people who are doing extremely well. i mean what we-- the latest research shows that the top 1% are now taking home almost 23% of total income in this country, this is a new record. all, 95% of the gains. >> jon: why not change the tax structure to be more aggressive. why end the social security tax, why cap t why not just keep going. why not means test some of these benefits. i dounted stand it. >> well, i'm with you. >> jon: well that seems simple. >> well, i agree. >> jon: so why don't they do that? (applause) why is that-- why is that so hard politically. why is that difficult. >> i'll tell you why.
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the reason it's difficult is because with rising inequality and concentrated income and wealth on top comes a lot of political power on top. and unless we get big money out of politics, we are going find it more and more difficult to do anything in this country that makes any sense. >> all right l you stick around, all right, inequality for all it plays in select cities beginning september 27th. robert reich, he knows what he's aboug abou kkkkkk
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